Yao formally announces retirement

The news with heading “Yao formally announces retirement from NBA” was posted on the NBA official website on July 19. It is concerned with Chinese basketball player Yao Ming holding the news conference to end his playing career officially.Almost at the same time Yao Ming released the information personally, the official website updated his news and ended all kinds of speculations.

The first two paragraphs of the news narrate the outline of the retirement. After that, the article quotes  Yao’s speech on his news conference in which it has mentioned the reasons of retirement, his future plan and his thanks. Additionally, the article also describes some details of the conference to manifest the influences of this hot sport news. Then, for a retired player, the conclusion of his experience in the NBA gives the readers a general idea about his performance and his achievement.

Along with article, the website put three related videos, including the Yao’s retirement speech, his NBA experience and the interview of NBA Commissioner David Stern. Audiences are able to have a direct access to Yao’s original speech and feel the atmosphere of the conference. The video “Look back at Yao” gathers his important moments and excellent segments in his NBA career, which would make audiences feeling regretful about his retirement. All of the resources the website provides to audiences are easy for them to figure out the whole news.

On the other hand, as the official website of NBA, it attracts millions of NBA fans to browsing the pages. Considering the given audiences, the news concentrates on Yao’s NBA career and his helping expand the NBA’s worldwide market. For the other part of his basketball experience, like joining the Chinese national team and playing at Chinese Basketball Association, the news does not give much more details.


One comment on “Yao formally announces retirement

  1. bonnykate2 says:

    I really like the design of your blog. it is clean, uncluttered and easy to read. I like sports and it was interesting to read about Yao’s retirement as I hadn’t seen much news about him in the Australian media.

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