The Greatest

“If Michael Jordan Never Was, Would Kobe Bryant Be Considered the Greatest Ever?” This story appears at, which is a famous American sports network. (The details of this website quoted from Wikipedia are presented at the bottom.)

We put the article aside first. I have to admit that I am attracted by the layout, especially the color design. As we can see, this page is under the category of specific NBA team, the L.A Lakers. Unlike the flat or dull layout of other sport websites, it adopts the symbolic color of the team as the background. And other teams’ pages are the same. For the fans, the little change makes a big different. It promotes their desire to take part in this open community, as leaving comments, discussing or sharing with others.

As I mentioned above, the special of the website is the interaction with audiences. It is just like a big social community to accept all people to express his opinions. Despite having less official news, the web provides a platform for people to exchange their ideas and thoughts about the latest sport events. Probably that is why the network can be successful.

Well, back to the article itself. The topic seems to be somehow boring and meaningless. Not just the topic has been arguing between for many years, the author doesn’t give specific comparison with the two great players. Lack of convincing data and photos, the conclusion the author makes is just for amusement. However, we should not be so strict with the writer because he is not a professional one. For this website, participation is the most important thing.

Bleacher Report is a website that provides news and fans’ opinions of sporting events.

The website was launched in February 2008 by California-based entrepreneurs Dave Finocchio, Zander Freund, Bryan Goldberg, and Dave Nemetz. The purpose of the website was to provide a platform for bloggers and amateur sports writers to publish their work where visitors could find their articles easily.

Bleacher Report describes itself as an open source system … in which the tools to create, refine, and review content are available to all members, regardless of rank or experience” whose goal “is to provide in-depth coverage, opinion, and analysis on everything and anything that matters in sports.


One comment on “The Greatest

  1. bonnykate2 says:

    I like that you chose this article for your blog. It made me think why does the author need to compare the basketballers. I don’t think athletes should be compared as they are all individuals and therefore bring their own uniqueness to the game. Spport would be boring if athletes were carbon copies. Both Jordan and Bryant are great players in their own right.

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