Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari family

Fernando Alonso, one of the most famous motor racing players, recently spent his holiday with his boss and fellows to hike on an Italian mountain. The news story “Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari family” uses the holiday as background to narrate the ups and downs the ace suffered. The story appears at the sport column of The Australian, and is quoted from a British newspaper The Times.

This Spanish player has been a hero in his nation, because he achieved his first Formula One world champion at the age of 24 in 2005 which has set a new record of the youngest champion at that time. (The record was broken by Lewis Hamilton in 2008.) After experiencing the time in Renault and McLaren, Alonso switched to Ferrari in 2010 and started a new career life. I quite enjoy the style of the article. Making full use of the detailed descriptions and narrations, the author presents a whole and accessible story of the respectable racing driver.

The whole page seem to be simply and common, just as thousands of traditional online news. Obviously, the most of viewers are racing fans or sports enthusiasts. So probably it is unnecessary for designers to come up with ideas to attract new audiences. Having relatively stable targeted readers, the layout has less influence on the hits.

Then, I find there is a row of useful tools in front of the article, including “increase text size”, “decrease text size ”, ”print”, ”email” and ”share”. The design of flexible word size makes the text more accessible to aged and short sight people. In my opinion, it is a key point for a successful website whether the interactive tools can exert their function.


One comment on “Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari family

  1. elena says:

    It’s really a good point of view. This article have a clear thought and strong structue. The pictures represent the context properly.

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