Golden Wallabies conquer All Blacks

All Australian sport fans had an exciting night on 27th Aug. Because the Wallabies beat world NO.1 All Blacks at Suncrop Stadium, being the victory of Tri-nations. The Australian national rugby union team didn’t grab the champion in Tri-nations since 2002. Consequently, beating All Blacks, which had won seven champions of the decade, is believed to be “a significant result” for Wallabies. The result also boosted the public and team’s confidence of trying to win the Rugby World Cup in the next month.

The news Golden Wallabies conquer All Blacks  was posted on the website of The Sydney Morning Herald. It is under the section “Rugby Heaven”, and obviously all rugby news are collected here. Between the headline and photograph, the words “Australia 25 New Zealand 20” are striking. The reader can get the most important information – the result of the match at the first sight. Then, unlike other news usually along with one or two pictures, the article provides an album of photographs. Large quantity of photos would have a better visual effect for the readers. The article, precisely the news records the match in general and shows the statistics. Fans who missed the event last night can easily get the general idea of the match in today’s sport front page. Additionally, at the bottom there is a small poll to collect the viewers’ idea about “Who will win the Rugby World Cup in 2011” (Undoubtedly, Australia gets the most votes.) This design contributes to the interaction between editor and readers.

For this online story the advantage is that The Sydney Morning Herald has thousands of viewers every day. So it can be quickly found by people to inform public exciting sport news. On the other hand, I am quite appreciate the layout of The Sydney Morning Herald. When you browse an article, you can find the related information on both the right and left columns, including relevant news, heated topics and photos.

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6 comments on “Golden Wallabies conquer All Blacks

  1. bonnykate2 says:

    I agree with you that the SMH’s use of the score at the top of the article was needed. It’s necessary for the media to do this so people who don’t have time to read the news can get a quick glimpse of the score.

  2. The glory has gone. The wallabies was trampled by all blacks, and lost the semi-final match of Rugby World Cup yesterday. Last night must be a tough night for Australian. Australian 6, New Zealand 20. The All black’s haka will show on the final, against with France.

  3. Claire says:

    I really like the layout of your blog. Its very simple to navigate and the text is easy to read. Also the use of pictures helps to engage the reader and give your blogs context – they are also nice and big! Overally I think your blog looks very professional, tidy and coherent. Very much inkeeping with the advice outlined in week 4’s readings about information architecture and the need for viewer usability. Claire.

  4. alyceandrews says:

    Normally I don’t use the SMH website for rugby news, but I have found that during the Rugby World Cup the quality of their coverage has been better than usual. I may be cynical but I assume it is because it is a major international event which in turn means more readers. They are using live scores, blogs with players… They almost rival FoxSports in terms of their current coverage. What do you think?

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