Liu Xiang “hand in hand” with Robles

On Aug 29, perhaps the most controversial topic of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships in Daegu, South Korea was the men’s 110 meter hurdles final. Dayron Robles, the Olympic champion and world recorder holder, was first cross the line at 13.14 second. However, the video showed that Robles made contact with China’s Liu Xiang at the last two hurdles, causing him to trip on the final hurdle and finish in 13.27 second. As a result, Robles was disqualified, lifting Jason Richardson the gold and Liu the silver. After that, Liu said Robles was not intentional and Robles also apologized to Liu. Interestingly, it is not the only disqualification in the track and field event. The day before this, the famous Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt was disqualified for a false start in the men’s 100 meter.

This is the video link  of the 110 meter hurdles final:


Back to the 110 meter hurdles race, a piece of online news about this topic caught my attention – Robles collides with Liu Xiang in final 110m hurdles race angers Chinese audience. Unlike other medias focusing on what happened during the race, the story gave the readers the overview of violent emotional reaction of Chinese audience, especially the netizens. Indeed, Liu Xiang is one of the Chinese people’s favorite athletes and people were regretful for that night’s loss. On the Internet, the videos of that race soon became the most viewed and discussed ones. The author even translated some comments from weibo – microblog, Chinese version of Twitter. People were sorry for Liu and angry with Robles saying, “That’s a shame. Or else he (Liu Xiang) would be the champion for sure.” Chinese netizens even gave Robles a nickname, “luó bo sī”, that means radish in Chinese and the similar pronunciation with “Robles”. Comments, cartoons and mixed videos, netizens with their sense of humor made fun of the controversy as well.


One comment on “Liu Xiang “hand in hand” with Robles

  1. Claire says:

    It is amazing how such a little mistake can influence the outcome of an athlete and thier representing country. There have been similar stories within Australian sport. At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the Australian womens 4x200m relay team were disqualified for jumping into the pool before other competitors had finished the race. here is a link to the story:

    Claire 🙂

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