Mike Modano is a one-of-a-kind icon

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The author, Jim Reeves began his article by giving a detailed description of the icon Mike Modano, an American professional ice hockey player, of the Dallas Stars. For many years Modano had been the face of the franchise until his much controversial free agent signing to the rival Detroit redwings in 2009. Now 41, Modano has been offered by the Dallas Stars a one day contract so that he may retire as a Stars player where he has spent the majority of his glorious career. Jim reeves towards the second half of the article goes into further detail about Modano’s illustrious career and achievements through his time with the Stars.

The article is clearly intended for the Dallas Stars fans that have respected and cheered for the player during his career. It is important to note that many of Modano’s achievements with the teams prior and after his stay with Dallas were mentioned. Nor were any of his famous off field behaviors and drama. The articles is focused on giving the fans a trip down ‘memory-lane’ starting with many of Modano’s characteristic facial appearances as well as a list of his many famous moments as a Dallas Stars player. The article also further emphasizes this point with a ‘detailed’ description of Modano’s work ethic and contribution of the rink with going as far as hailing him “…..always loved to vacation in Cabo, but he never once took a long weekend there during the playoffs.”. To conclude, Jim Reeves article works in that it is written in a way where their target audiences, Mike Modano fans, are kept in the positive light of the player’s career. Not once touching on his controversial negative sides, the author continuously outlines the positive aspects and numerous records of the player’s career and even going as far with the heading “Mike Modano is a one-of-a-kind icon”.



2 comments on “Mike Modano is a one-of-a-kind icon

  1. Iris's Blog says:

    The retirement of Mike Modano would be a loss for Dallas Star. Athough I’m not a big fan for ice hockey, I also fee sorry to konw this. And I like the news you choose, it is quite professional.
    Qian QI(Iris) z3370055

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