NBA 2K12 Released

When “lockout”, “contract negotiations” and “playing overseas” have being the key words of NBA, what can ease the NBA fans’ hunger for the game? The answer is the video game. After last year’s NBA 2K11, which have sold over 5 million copies worldwide and received over 20 Sports Game of Year awards, the 2k Sports released its successor NBA 2K12 on Oct 4. The article “NBA 2K12 Review” evaluated the game from all aspects.

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According to the game review, compared with privious games of this series, the graphics of 2K12 looks more realistic and theoperation are more flexible. The shooting remains smooth and well designed, and most players have their own animations to gauge the proper time to release a shot. Passing and defense are also impoved for better multi- sensory effect. The most important thing is they have improved skills of the playersthan 2k you will feel like the real players in real NBA games.Moreover, the best feature of 2K12 is the Greastese mode. And the designers also add the top 15 legend players of the NBA history. You can go as far back as Bill Russell’s 64-65 Celtics, through the modern days, and also use legend teams against with the current teams .

The author also introduced other features of the game, such as My Player, the Association Mode and playing online and drew the conclusion that, “Despite a few minor things, NBA 2K12 is easily the best pro basketball game on the market”. Published in the game section of a digital website, the article offered the readers, obvious mostly of whom are video games players, an overview of the game to decide whether to buy it.

Now let’s enjoy the game with its fantastic intro.


3 comments on “NBA 2K12 Released

  1. elena says:

    The video is interesting, and perfect with your article.

  2. I am still struggling in 2K8… Sure 2K series is my favorite PC game, better than EA’s NBA LIVE, it focus on gaming but not in visual effect.

    Good to know

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