Golden Wallabies conquer All Blacks

All Australian sport fans had an exciting night on 27th Aug. Because the Wallabies beat world NO.1 All Blacks at Suncrop Stadium, being the victory of Tri-nations. The Australian national rugby union team didn’t grab the champion in Tri-nations since 2002. Consequently, beating All Blacks, which had won seven champions of the decade, is believed to be “a significant result” for Wallabies. The result also boosted the public and team’s confidence of trying to win the Rugby World Cup in the next month.

The news Golden Wallabies conquer All Blacks  was posted on the website of The Sydney Morning Herald. It is under the section “Rugby Heaven”, and obviously all rugby news are collected here. Between the headline and photograph, the words “Australia 25 New Zealand 20” are striking. The reader can get the most important information – the result of the match at the first sight. Then, unlike other news usually along with one or two pictures, the article provides an album of photographs. Large quantity of photos would have a better visual effect for the readers. The article, precisely the news records the match in general and shows the statistics. Fans who missed the event last night can easily get the general idea of the match in today’s sport front page. Additionally, at the bottom there is a small poll to collect the viewers’ idea about “Who will win the Rugby World Cup in 2011” (Undoubtedly, Australia gets the most votes.) This design contributes to the interaction between editor and readers.

For this online story the advantage is that The Sydney Morning Herald has thousands of viewers every day. So it can be quickly found by people to inform public exciting sport news. On the other hand, I am quite appreciate the layout of The Sydney Morning Herald. When you browse an article, you can find the related information on both the right and left columns, including relevant news, heated topics and photos.


Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari family

Fernando Alonso, one of the most famous motor racing players, recently spent his holiday with his boss and fellows to hike on an Italian mountain. The news story “Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari family” uses the holiday as background to narrate the ups and downs the ace suffered. The story appears at the sport column of The Australian, and is quoted from a British newspaper The Times.

This Spanish player has been a hero in his nation, because he achieved his first Formula One world champion at the age of 24 in 2005 which has set a new record of the youngest champion at that time. (The record was broken by Lewis Hamilton in 2008.) After experiencing the time in Renault and McLaren, Alonso switched to Ferrari in 2010 and started a new career life. I quite enjoy the style of the article. Making full use of the detailed descriptions and narrations, the author presents a whole and accessible story of the respectable racing driver.

The whole page seem to be simply and common, just as thousands of traditional online news. Obviously, the most of viewers are racing fans or sports enthusiasts. So probably it is unnecessary for designers to come up with ideas to attract new audiences. Having relatively stable targeted readers, the layout has less influence on the hits.

Then, I find there is a row of useful tools in front of the article, including “increase text size”, “decrease text size ”, ”print”, ”email” and ”share”. The design of flexible word size makes the text more accessible to aged and short sight people. In my opinion, it is a key point for a successful website whether the interactive tools can exert their function.

The Greatest

“If Michael Jordan Never Was, Would Kobe Bryant Be Considered the Greatest Ever?” This story appears at, which is a famous American sports network. (The details of this website quoted from Wikipedia are presented at the bottom.)

We put the article aside first. I have to admit that I am attracted by the layout, especially the color design. As we can see, this page is under the category of specific NBA team, the L.A Lakers. Unlike the flat or dull layout of other sport websites, it adopts the symbolic color of the team as the background. And other teams’ pages are the same. For the fans, the little change makes a big different. It promotes their desire to take part in this open community, as leaving comments, discussing or sharing with others.

As I mentioned above, the special of the website is the interaction with audiences. It is just like a big social community to accept all people to express his opinions. Despite having less official news, the web provides a platform for people to exchange their ideas and thoughts about the latest sport events. Probably that is why the network can be successful.

Well, back to the article itself. The topic seems to be somehow boring and meaningless. Not just the topic has been arguing between for many years, the author doesn’t give specific comparison with the two great players. Lack of convincing data and photos, the conclusion the author makes is just for amusement. However, we should not be so strict with the writer because he is not a professional one. For this website, participation is the most important thing.

Bleacher Report is a website that provides news and fans’ opinions of sporting events.

The website was launched in February 2008 by California-based entrepreneurs Dave Finocchio, Zander Freund, Bryan Goldberg, and Dave Nemetz. The purpose of the website was to provide a platform for bloggers and amateur sports writers to publish their work where visitors could find their articles easily.

Bleacher Report describes itself as an open source system … in which the tools to create, refine, and review content are available to all members, regardless of rank or experience” whose goal “is to provide in-depth coverage, opinion, and analysis on everything and anything that matters in sports.

Yao formally announces retirement

The news with heading “Yao formally announces retirement from NBA” was posted on the NBA official website on July 19. It is concerned with Chinese basketball player Yao Ming holding the news conference to end his playing career officially.Almost at the same time Yao Ming released the information personally, the official website updated his news and ended all kinds of speculations.

The first two paragraphs of the news narrate the outline of the retirement. After that, the article quotes  Yao’s speech on his news conference in which it has mentioned the reasons of retirement, his future plan and his thanks. Additionally, the article also describes some details of the conference to manifest the influences of this hot sport news. Then, for a retired player, the conclusion of his experience in the NBA gives the readers a general idea about his performance and his achievement.

Along with article, the website put three related videos, including the Yao’s retirement speech, his NBA experience and the interview of NBA Commissioner David Stern. Audiences are able to have a direct access to Yao’s original speech and feel the atmosphere of the conference. The video “Look back at Yao” gathers his important moments and excellent segments in his NBA career, which would make audiences feeling regretful about his retirement. All of the resources the website provides to audiences are easy for them to figure out the whole news.

On the other hand, as the official website of NBA, it attracts millions of NBA fans to browsing the pages. Considering the given audiences, the news concentrates on Yao’s NBA career and his helping expand the NBA’s worldwide market. For the other part of his basketball experience, like joining the Chinese national team and playing at Chinese Basketball Association, the news does not give much more details.

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